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One of a kind Design

The elegant cases are made by Aluminum. Each cooling slot and its fin were carefully designed
and arranged, and the case has gone through oxidation, coloring and edge-highlighting.

Innovative Heat Dissipation

The innovative "duo" stacking structure
allows all components on both sides of the
printed circuit boards to quickly conduct
heat to the aluminum case.

Excellent Motor Speed Governing

High-performance 32-bit processor combined with
advanced algorithm makes the motor
speed-governing excellent for different conditions.
With the adjustable sensitivity of speed-governing,
every pilot can find the most suitable settings for
his helicopter.

Super Soft Start-up

Platinum-HV-160A makes the motor start extremely soft and avoids tail-drift issues of helicopter.
The start-up time is adjustable within 8 to 25 seconds, this will definitely create a perfect starting
point for every flight.

Great Current Endurance

A high quality, and high voltage MOSFET with a great current endurance guarantees
the ESC’s safety especially in a extremely high power demanding situation

Built-in Sparkproof Circuit

Built-in sparkproof circuit effectively eliminates sparks produced at the “powering-on” moment
and prolongs the connectors‘ lifespan.